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Gaining persepctive from loss

This week was to be the magical week, when we had hoped to be "in the clear," so to speak. We were going to share with our families and friends this weekend that come Valentine's Day, there would be a new Godwin-Walker to introduce to the world. It wasn't to be. Instead of being near… Continue reading Gaining persepctive from loss

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There will be blood

... and sweat ... and tears. What MS party is complete without such a trifecta of good times? All in a week's treatment for this patient needing to get on with her life, sans these pesky MS symptoms I've had in this latest relapse. I'm finishing my last round of steroids via IV infusion today.… Continue reading There will be blood

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To the greatest man in the world

Yes, it's a Father's Day post. I have always been a daddy's girl. He tolerated me when we went fishing and I sang to scare off the fishes so we wouldn't catch any. He encouraged my inner nerd by subbing my fifth grade class one year and letting me and my friends help him with… Continue reading To the greatest man in the world

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Back to the grind

Twelve-hundred and change miles, six hotel breakfasts, one Varsity frozen orange and an IKEA stop later, we are back home. Some observations from our trip to Atlanta: It shouldn't take you 30 minutes to go five miles. But the MARTA wasn't all bad. The employees at the Apple Store in Dunwoody are terrific. They saved… Continue reading Back to the grind

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Hotlanta here we come!

Our pseudo-vacation begins Sunday. My loose itinerary includes the usual touristy spots: The aquarium, CNN, Coca-Cola, Olympic Park, IKEA. OK, so maybe that last one is just me. Looking for food suggestions. I'm a little nervous — lots of walking in store for me. This will be the first road test of my vacation stamina… Continue reading Hotlanta here we come!

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So it happened. I became that girl. The sad-sack TTC blogger who has nothing but baby on the brain. Writes ad nauseam about desperately wanting it to happen. It's like that woman gently weeping in the frozen foods section. Your heart goes out to her, you want to console her, but is it ever awkward.… Continue reading Acceptance