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To the greatest man in the world

Yes, it’s a Father’s Day post.

I have always been a daddy’s girl.

He tolerated me when we went fishing and I sang to scare off the fishes so we wouldn’t catch any.

He encouraged my inner nerd by subbing my fifth grade class one year and letting me and my friends help him with the jumble. Later, we progressed to crosswords.

He put up with me during my rebellious years, 1992-1996.

He bought me my first car, a 1996 Honda Civic with automatic everything.

He tried to teach me how to drive stick (that apple tree didn’t know what was coming).

He taught me the finer points of Frisbee golf, tennis and golf.

He rode bikes with me.

He caught leaves with me.

He taught me to be self-sufficient, even if that one did take some time.

He stayed with me in the hospital last year when I could barely walk.

For all of these reasons and so many more, he is the greatest man in the world.

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