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Back to the grind

Twelve-hundred and change miles, six hotel breakfasts, one Varsity frozen orange and an IKEA stop later, we are back home.

Some observations from our trip to Atlanta:

It shouldn’t take you 30 minutes to go five miles.

But the MARTA wasn’t all bad.

The employees at the Apple Store in Dunwoody are terrific. They saved me from an uncertain phone fate.

It’s not just hot. It’s stifling, like an oven accidentally left on.

The Coca-Cola museum is a strange place. But Diet Orange Vanilla Coke might be the best new drink ever.

California Pizza Kitchen, please come to Arkansas.

Beware tourists on Segways.

A cane will only help you so much before you really must sit for a spell.

Early birds get the worm. Or, in this case, first in line for the omelets at the hotel.

A hot tub that doesn’t bubble is just lame.

The Georgia Aquarium shouldn’t have fish on the cafe menu.

IKEA, please come to Arkansas. Or at least Memphis.

Daytime television is pretty awful.

Always make time for art.

CNN should sell Anderson Cooper tight black T-shirts.

Plants vs. Zombies makes me the worst navigator ever.

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