The small losses

Miscarriage is thought to happen in at least one in five pregnancies. That number might be a conservative estimate because some women never realize they were pregnant in the first place. Heartbreakingly common, yet rarely do we talk about pregnancy loss except in hushed whispers and tearful conversations with family and close friends. It’s too… Continue reading The small losses

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‘Mine is not a unique situation’

So said David Rakoff in the months before he died. "Everyone loses ability. If you're lucky, this happens over the course of a few decades. If you're not, (meh). But the story is essentially the same." And he dances. A few sweeping, sentimental gestures. A rueful smile. His grace is beyond words, although he does those… Continue reading ‘Mine is not a unique situation’

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Why hello, stranger

Yes, I went dormant for a couple of months. No, I'm not falling apart. Yes, the triple-digit heat is a tad miserable. No, "they" won't install misting tents every 50 feet for my convenience. Yes, I heard about Jack Osbourne. No, I didn't watch his mom cry about it on The Talk. OK, maybe once.… Continue reading Why hello, stranger

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Strength in numbers

I have been very fortunate to have a close group of friends to see me through the rough spots with kinds words, encouragement, food and, when needed, margaritas. I have been equally fortunate to have other friends and co-workers and erstwhile acquaintances step up to help in whatever way they can. We may not see… Continue reading Strength in numbers

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The good kind of pain

I empathize, little kids of the world - shots are no fun. They make me want to cry, too. For the past 16 months, I've had a regimen of injections. I've been hooked up to IVs, shoved into scary tubes, endured post-shot reactions that are said to feel like a heart attack. And yet ...… Continue reading The good kind of pain

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Feeling pretty

I got a haircut the other day for almost the sole purpose of having someone else wash and blow dry my hair. It's been awhile for that type of pampering. Yes, the simple act of fixing my hair has become so frustratingly tedious that I haven't really bothered. Same goes for makeup. The ragmuffin look… Continue reading Feeling pretty