Anita Godwin

Anita Godwin, 65, of Jacksonville, passed away just as the sun faded into the inky sky Oct. 18, 2020. She came into this world Jan. 15, 1955, the firstborn daughter of Francis and Anna Bell Bunch, who both preceded her in death.

We will be holding a celebration of Anita’s life in Arkansas at a later date. Please send me a message through the form below, and I will make sure to keep you abreast of when and where we will hold the celebration.

Stay in touch with Jennifer below and sign the guestbook here.

She was a beautiful mess: complicated and clever, challenging and chaotic, curious and caring. A tender, well-intentioned soul who was always looking out for others, whether it be a lost dog or a colleague from half a world away, Anita had a way of making us all feel a little better.

An artist at her core, Anita was always seeking out the delicate intricacies of the world around her. She scoured flea markets and yard sales with enthusiasm—the point wasn’t in the procurement as much as it was taking in the history of a bygone era. She could have been the town historian for all of the minutia she was able to recall from her life growing up in Jacksonville, Ark. She had amassed a small library of books and music and would be the first to tell you about the one item she could never pass up: Little Golden Books, which she collected and planned to give to her only grandchild, Abigail, who was born in 2018 and had supplanted Anita’s two children as the apple of her eye.

In addition to Abby, surviving Anita are her children, daughter Jennifer and her husband, Nick Walker; son Brent and his wife, Chelsea; her ex-husband and dear friend, Roy; her three younger sisters—Jeannie, Elaine and Becky—all of her relatives from the Bunch and Chumley clans, her in-laws who always welcomed her as family, and enough friends from each stage of life—her school days, Maybelline, dance mom life and church softball tournaments to name a few—to fill a socially-distanced auditorium.

Her favorite moments were celebrating with her family, from reunions in Judsonia and holidays to Jennifer’s dance recitals and Brent’s martial arts ceremonies. Anita loved nothing more than to watch her children embrace what they loved most. Her wild and precious spirit will be missed along with her radiant smile.

A celebration of Anita’s life will take place at a later date and include a virtual option for those who would like to share their stories of Anita but are unable to do so in person. 

Thank you to everyone who has reached out and shared your memories of Anita. Those details, while they may seem trivial to you, help us keep her spirit alive and give us comfort knowing how loved Anita was.

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