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The good kind of pain

I empathize, little kids of the world – shots are no fun. They make me want to cry, too.

For the past 16 months, I’ve had a regimen of injections. I’ve been hooked up to IVs, shoved into scary tubes, endured post-shot reactions that are said to feel like a heart attack.

And yet … I’m most terrified by this latest treatment. The needle is HUGE. And there is no auto injector that takes care of the hardest part, the actual getting the needle in the body.

But I’ve already paid for the treatment, and this flare-up has dug in its heels – going on Week 4.

So scary shot it is. Two weeks of it. Waaaaaaaah!

On a much happier note, there are big things on the horizon – a conference (more on that later), a trip to DC, and the MS Walk, which I will be doing this year with a dear friend.

Also, I’ve started a blog at work on health and fitness, the idea being that a lot of people out there are in a similar boat as me, ie, not really in shape but motivated to lead a healthier lifestyle. Visit it at

There is another big thing in the works, something I’m very excited about. It’s in the nascent stage, just a germ of an idea that I hope gets fleshed out soon.

So if I had to choose a theme word for this month, it would be endure. Because life as we know it is challenging, beautiful, frustrating, and sublime, and I want to plow through the tough while still enjoying the good.

And there is so much good (except for shots).

1 thought on “The good kind of pain”

  1. I’m excited about your new blog — hopefully, I’ll find some motivation in there too. After all, I’ve got to get in shape for our walk. 🙂

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