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Feeling pretty

I got a haircut the other day for almost the sole purpose of having someone else wash and blow dry my hair.

It’s been awhile for that type of pampering. Yes, the simple act of fixing my hair has become so frustratingly tedious that I haven’t really bothered.

Same goes for makeup. The ragmuffin look is in, though, right? Because I am street urchin all the way. Well, half the way. I bathe and eat regularly.

Used to be when I was sick I would make the extra effort to at least look well. Otherwise, you get the pitying looks.

But lately, vanity has taken a back seat. Just normal maintenance is overwhelming enough, why try to pretty it up?

I could jab an eye out with the mascara wand. Or worse.

6 thoughts on “Feeling pretty”

  1. I’m going for the ponytail, natural look myself. If it isn’t fashion yet, we’re trendsetters! Cute haircut btw

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