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Enough about me

I’m sure I’ve complained enough on here about this recent relapse. Long story short: Yep, still having it. Yep, still bad. Very bad. Yep, still using my right hand for everything (use your imagination there). Because the steroids were a bust this time, it looks like I will be trying another drug, whose name almost certainly came from a Tolkien story.

Unless you are some mean-spirited hater who derives immense, sicko satisfaction out of my current condition, I’m guessing it’s safe to say you are as tired about reading about my flare-up as I am tired of having it.

Which all seems like a rather self-serving introduction to get to the marrow of this post: Dan and Jennifer Digmann.

They were among the first to reach out to after my diagnosis. Nevermind that they are hundreds of miles north of me — we’re all a click away nowadays.

They are a married couple living with MS. Both. of. them.

Let that sink in for a bit. I had to.

Together they write a terrific blog, and recently, they published a book of essays called Despite MS, to Spite MS. I love to read, especially non-fiction. I’ve had gotten into MS autobiographies, which left me saddened in many ways. So when I got the Digmanns’ book, I was a little hesitant to start it, if only because I had MS fatigue (the abstract one,  not the real kind).

I shouldn’t have worried.

Dan and Jennifer elevate the everyday essay into something more. They have risen to challenge of life with MS with uncommon grace. Whether coming to the realization that she’s “more than kind of disabled” or figuring out the fine art of “shooting himself,” the Digmanns relate the story of their MS journey through clear eyes that never dwell in self-pity land.

For their advocacy, support and inspiration, I am grateful.

Here’s wishing them all the more strength for the road ahead as they lead the charge. And here’s hoping for our shared future of a world free of MS!



3 thoughts on “Enough about me”

  1. Jennifer, I am so sad that this is what you are facing right now. I can only imagine the swirl of emotions, the range of emotions. From this end I experience frustration and a sense of powerlessness, not only because that potentially is what you are feeling, but also because they represent what I feel at not being able to help. I’m glad that Dan and Jennifer’s book is helping you. I am now on my third read and with each reading my admiration grows. I am so honored they chose to include my poems in such a worthy project. Just know your words are being received and appreciated. They are not just heading out into an impersonal, anonymous blogosphere. And I hope you see light soon.

  2. Thank you so much for your encouraging words and comments, Jenn! We always have appreciated and admired your attitude and approach to living with this disease we share, and to hear our writing and book impacted you this way truly humbles us. So much of your writing has the same effect on us as we so often can relate to and understand exactly what you are saying in each of your essays. Absolutely, even though so many miles separate us all, it’s interesting how through the computer we all feel so connected. Thank you for your continued support in all of our battles with MS, and we are sending you our best as you move beyond your recent relapse. Take care, Dan

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