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What I believe

That Arkansas summers are brutal. But there are worse places. And then some really bad places.

That there will be a vaccine, if not a cure, for multiple sclerosis, in my lifetime.

That diet ginger ale is the best drink around.

That persistence can pay off.

That you can’t help but smile at a bird romping around in sprinklers.

That nightly walks are necessary for physical and mental well-being.

It’s easier with humor.

That animals make pretty cheap therapy.

That someone needs to invent an always-cold side of the pillow already.

That dinosaurs will always be neat. (My first story was about a dinosaur. A pterodactyl, actually).

That while the situation might not get better, the ability to cope with it will.

3 thoughts on “What I believe”

  1. I blogged a week or two ago about the need for an always cool pillow… and then I found one. In SkyMall, of course!! I haven’t ordered it, but I just feel better living in a world where it exists!

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