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Use it or lose it

An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion.

Do you think Newton suspected I was being a lazy ass in the former?

I’ve spent the better part of a year letting multiple sclerosis dictate what I could and couldn’t do. Well, more like did and didn’t, because it was a deliberate choice.

The dichotomous mentality I adopted meant I did a whole lot of just a little these past few months, exercise wise. It was all or nothing in my mind.

I have no energy, I would reason. I cannot overextend myself. I have other priorities.

OK, so I can cut myself some slack. It’s a little hard to walk, much less exercise, when your legs aren’t functioning properly. I wanted to be able to dance, but the prospect of failing at that has kept me away.

But now I’ve gotten the hang of this Life with MS thing. And part of that acceptance includes making the whole of my health a priority. THE priority.

So we’re eating better. And doing more.

Which brings me to that whole body in motion part of Newton’s first law.

I took a Water Zumba class AND a yoga class this past week.

Both left me dead from exhaustion but grinning from ear to ear. Water Zumba is high energy (like water aerobics on crack) but there’s no sweating involved, which is part of its charm. The yoga left me feeling centered and in tune with areas of my body I had long ago lost touch with (abs, arms, thighs, I’m talking to you).

I came away with injuries, but nothing that will keep me sidelined for too long, I hope. I plan on staying in motion for as long as I can.


3 thoughts on “Use it or lose it”

  1. That’s awesome! I love yoga. I get into it for awhile and then sort of crap out for awhile when I feel like I am not progressing much. But that’s because I lose sight of the focus of it, it is not supposed to be about doing a perfect pose, it is supposed to be about centering yourself and doing as much as your body can handle. Water Zumba sounds cool. I wish I could find something like that here at an hour I could actually go to it. Swimming is so great for your body too. Keep it up!

  2. Cool deal. I’m a true believer in water aerobics. As a matter of fact my last post is about it! Go figure. I have been debating with the idea of yoga, but with PT and water aerobics I figure when one is over I’ll look into it more. Great read.

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