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To a friend

There is nothing I can say that will mitigate the shock of diagnosis.

That shift in reality, imperceptible to the rest of the world, feels like a giant chasm waiting to swallow you whole.

There’s some relief in the knowing, sure. There’s a name to put on this ugliness, so you know what to call it when you shake your fists in the air.

But then there’s the fear of the unknown. Life is full of unexpected twists and turns, and this is another layer of that labyrinth now to navigate. Blind curves, speed bumps, boogeyman are all par for the course here.

The most important thing  you can do is stay informed. Stay healthy. Stay close to your support system.

It’s OK to be angry. To be sad. To want to curl up and die.

But don’t dwell on those negative emotions for too long – they will only hinder any recovery. Acknowledge them, but don’t give them too much power.

Life is still there, happening all around. When the earth opened up that day, you didn’t fall in so deeply that you can’t find a way out.

That maze is treacherous, but since when have you shied from a challenge?

This isn’t the path you wanted, sure, but it is the path you find yourself on. Find those ready to take the journey with you and pack the essentials.

You’ll be surprised at how well you do, considering.

I’ll be with you every step of the way.

6 thoughts on “To a friend”

  1. what a wonderful letter to your friend… you speak many truths here… and it’s good to hear them… i know i needed to hear these things when the beast first took up residence in my body… it is such an uncertain thing… not knowing what will happen next month, next week, tomorrow…heck, in the next minutes… i think if there was a bit more predictability with the beast, we’d all be able to cope a better… adapt and overcome!

  2. I was diagnosed last Thursday after some strange and recurring symptoms. I can relate to the relief in knowing what is going on, and also the anger that comes with knowing you have a disease that nobody else in your immediate family or circle of friends understands.
    You speak the truth and more in this note to your friend, and hope they are doing well and taking things one step at a time.
    Reading your post it was like a door being opened, finally someone was able to express in words the exact string of emotions that I have been feeling since my diagnosis!

    Best wishes to both yourself and your friend ❤

  3. Getting the diagnosis is good and bad all at the same time! You know what is wrong but then you dread what is to come. So scary but so great to know there are so many awesome bloggers out there sharing their experiences and what a great way for newly diagnosed to learn and know what to expect!!

  4. Thanks for all of your support, Jenn. Its been a rough week — heck, its been a rough couple of months — but you and Heidi have helped a lot. I know I can count on my girls to have my back. I love you guys!

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