Multiple sclerosis

Future perfect

Along with those immediate concerns of health and day-to-day functioning that comes with having a disease such as MS are the other, ancillary decisions that must be thought of well in advance.

Retirement. Disability. Health-care costs. Living will. Living arrangements.

Nick and I are still in our first home, a craftsman cottage in a wonderful neighborhood that we will probably outgrow in the next couple of years (fingers crossed).

So we’ve been browsing. We both love older homes, and one has come up on the market that is just three blocks away from where we are now.

All-American idyllic house. Just missing the white picket fence, isn't it?

It’s perfect in nearly every way (original hardwood floors, 2-car detached garage, all of the charm of an older home, priced to sell) … except that it’s two stories.

Which doesn’t bother me right now. I don’t like stairs, but I can manage them just fine. Currently, our laundry is in the basement, so I’m used to stairs in my daily routine. (OK, caught me. I only do laundry like twice a week.)

But … the what ifs are creeping in.

What if I can’t always? What if I need a wheelchair at some point?

Do I make a decision based on my health now, or plan for that question mark of a future down the road, just in case?

I doubt we will get this house, as we don’t even have ours on the market, nor is it ready.

Still, I’m not sure what decision is the right one.

I don’t want to limit my life based on what I fear will happen. I want to live it based on what I hope it will be.

I want to envision a future perfect. How to do that in the present, I don’t quite know.

3 thoughts on “Future perfect”

  1. I don’t even look at two-story houses. As a kid I always thought that I would live someday in a big two-story house with a big covered porch. Now that stairs are my number one enemy, I have become a fan of the ranch-style house. I still want the porch though.

    1. The porch! Yes, for those summer nights that are actually tolerable. Scratch that, crisp fall nights, with a tall glass of tea and music streaming out from a window radio.

  2. Agreed – this is such difficult terrain to navigate. Plan for the worst, hope for the best, they say…but you usually can’t really do both at once!

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