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Hotlanta here we come!

Our pseudo-vacation begins Sunday.

My loose itinerary includes the usual touristy spots: The aquarium, CNN, Coca-Cola, Olympic Park, IKEA.

OK, so maybe that last one is just me.

Looking for food suggestions.

I’m a little nervous — lots of walking in store for me. This will be the first road test of my vacation stamina with the MS monkey on my back.

In Atlanta. In 90-plus temps.

Maybe I will get one of those mister-fan contraptions.

And a fanny pack to complete the look.

5 thoughts on “Hotlanta here we come!”

  1. The last time I was in Atlanta was also in June — hot, hot, hot. We attended a wedding, then did some vacation. I wish I could remember the name of the little restaurant where we had some true southern cooking. I think it was ‘Miss Something.’ Enjoy.

  2. enjoy your trip!! get some cooling scarves… they are a huge help… i just used mine for the first time this past weekend and was amazed at what a difference those stupid things made… i guess they aren’t so stupid afterall!

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