Multiple sclerosis, What was I thinking?

Planning fail

Certain circumstances, some beyond my control and others I have some control over, have led to a little snag.

We’ve switched insurance, and I have spent the past month getting my little duckies in a row. And because it’s me and things often go awry, there might have been a couple of stragglers.

Now because of some loose ends that might not get tied up all neat and tidy this week, I might not have my MS treatment while on vacation next week. That has the potential to suck.

With the insurance change came a swap in specialty pharmacies handling my treatment.

One of the easiest parts of having MS (if there is such a thing) was the relationship I had with my first pharmacy. They were the kind aunt who lives three states away but calls each month just to check in and sends little care packages.

I hope all is as easy peasy with the new pharmacy.

And that they wouldn’t mind, just this once, delivering to a hotel in a down and dirty drug deal.





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