Multiple sclerosis, Struggles, What was I thinking?

Is it just me?

I can't decide whether I'm a victim of my own technophilia or the scrubbing-bubbles effect MS can have on the brain. Lately, it's logins. I have nearly four dozen of them, all told. Two I know by heart. The rest are a confusing heap of random qwertiness that leaves me grasping at straws for the… Continue reading Is it just me?

Multiple sclerosis, Nick, Struggles, What was I thinking?

The year that was

2011 is a year I'd rather leave in the rear-view mirror. I think the world agrees with me. We should have known things were off to an inauspicious start when blackbirds fell dead from the sky on New Year's Eve (of course, that just happened this year, too). The bad had a way of eclipsing the… Continue reading The year that was

Multiple sclerosis, What was I thinking?

Once more unto the breach

Or, in this case, the MRI, fondly known in my house as the big scary knock-knock machine. It's been a nearly 10 months since my last head check. But this makes MRI No. 8 or so in recent memory. I'm getting to be quite the pro, as the techs pointed out today. No metal? Check.… Continue reading Once more unto the breach

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Getting the word out

It's harder than it seems. I shouldn't have a problem with public speaking, particularly when the topic is something I'm passionate about like multiple sclerosis. But here I was, amid fellow MSers, activists and lawmakers, at a loss for what to say. The event was a Legislative Luncheon at the state Capitol, put together by… Continue reading Getting the word out

Multiple sclerosis, Nick, Struggles, What was I thinking?

Comedy is tragedy plus time

Funny, they never tell how how long this little formula for humor takes. How much distance you need before the sharp edges of a prickly reality dull somewhat. When it becomes palatable, these painful treatments, the uncertain future, the broken body. Multiple sclerosis is really no laughing matter. But I can have a chuckle at… Continue reading Comedy is tragedy plus time