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The year that was

2011 is a year I’d rather leave in the rear-view mirror. I think the world agrees with me. We should have known things were off to an inauspicious start when blackbirds fell dead from the sky on New Year’s Eve (of course, that just happened this year, too).

The bad had a way of eclipsing the good. The disasters, setbacks, politics, struggles. Enough already.

Well, almost enough. Let’s call this the coda and then wash our hands of it all.

The year that was:

• In January, I went to a concert. That was rough.

• In February, I considered a cane upgrade. Ultimately, I stuck with the standard-issue aluminum one I got in the hospital. I haven’t had to use it all that much.
• In March, I wrote about writing about two people in the MS community, Debbie and Phil.
• In April, we walked. I got involved. When I wasn’t working or enriching my mind in front of the TV, I joined the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. I am now part of the government relations committee and a regional marketing group. As a person living with MS, I feel that my voice needs to be heard. So many times this disease can make me feel helpless. And in these groups, I feel empowered. Oh, and I had a birthday, on the 99th anniversary of the Titantic sinking. And my day went about that well, too. Hey, there are ups and downs. This was a down.
• May-July. Not worth revisiting. Still too painful.
• In August, Nick and I celebrated 10 years together as a union! The Godkers. The Walkwins?
• In September, I had a different kind of anniversary, my year with MS.
• In October, I wrote about how my new therapy was going. (Not that well.)
• In November, I wrote a whopping three posts. Yes, I’m so prolific.
• In December, Nick graduated! We closed ranks this year, which certainly had upsides and downsides. We started watching an obscene amount of Netflix. And Hulu. And then Netflix, when it got back in our good graces. We became homebodies, more out of necessity than anything else. (That whole energy conservation thing.)
So that’s it. No more dwelling.
2012 is for better things: More writing, more activism. More photos. Probably (OK, definitely) more Netflix. More laughing. A lot more of that. More dancing. More cat videos. More being me, only better.


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