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I’m positive the glass is half empty

Nick and I have a long-running debate in our house. It's part of the oil-and-water, fire-and-ice dynamic we've functioned on for years. His sunny-side-up brand of optimism strikes me as Pollyanna-ish and naive. My glass-half-empty, pessimistic realistic approach to life grates on him. But I might be close to winning this argument. Hear me out.… Continue reading I’m positive the glass is half empty

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The year that was

2011 is a year I'd rather leave in the rear-view mirror. I think the world agrees with me. We should have known things were off to an inauspicious start when blackbirds fell dead from the sky on New Year's Eve (of course, that just happened this year, too). The bad had a way of eclipsing the… Continue reading The year that was

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Guest post from my better half

Nick graciously offered to write another guest post today, on our 10th wedding anniversary. I did not have to beg, bargain, cajole, reason, bribe or threaten with bodily harm. Honest! Also, wedding photo to be added as soon as I can find one. Oh, we were so young then! When Jennifer was first diagnosed with… Continue reading Guest post from my better half


Lovin’ summer

This week has blown by. I've wandered the sultry streets of Atlanta, marveled at dolphins, watched kids scamper through the fountain in Olympic Park, eaten overlooking Oakland Cemetery, and most importantly, successfully navigated MARTA. There have been a couple of minor mishaps, but all has been resolved, thanks to the swell guy at the Apple… Continue reading Lovin’ summer

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So it happened. I became that girl. The sad-sack TTC blogger who has nothing but baby on the brain. Writes ad nauseam about desperately wanting it to happen. It's like that woman gently weeping in the frozen foods section. Your heart goes out to her, you want to console her, but is it ever awkward.… Continue reading Acceptance