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So it happened.

I became that girl.

The sad-sack TTC blogger who has nothing but baby on the brain. Writes ad nauseam about desperately wanting it to happen.

It’s like that woman gently weeping in the frozen foods section. Your heart goes out to her, you want to console her, but is it ever awkward.

I’m not saying I’ve made a miraculous comeback — but each day is a little brighter.

I’ve cried. A lot. In public, even.

Still glad I wrote about it (this is as cathartic as it gets for me). And it opened up a lot of dialogue that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. For that I am grateful.

And it made me realize just how common miscarriages/chemical pregnancies/lost months are.

So while I’m still grieving, I won’t dwell. This too shall pass.

In the meantime, I hope to write about new things. Nick and I are starting a new healthy-eating regimen. We have a few summer adventures planned. So food and pics are the order of the day!

Still, if you see me near the ice cream, please hand me a tissue.

5 thoughts on “Acceptance”

  1. Don’t blame yourself! I think all of us women in the world understand. TTC is a trickster, ingrained in our DNA some where. I realized this shortly after Kahlan’s birth when I was left sobbing on the floor wondering what did my DNA get me into!!!!!

    Looking forward to some yummy recipes.

  2. Think about it this way. You can still have coffee all day, eat sushi, soft foreign cheeses, lunch meat that hasn’t been nuked. You can not have to worry about someone vomiting and pooping on you 8 to 10 times a day. You can have a margarita on the beach. I’m not saying that Motherhood isn’t great, but it is an incredible life adjustment. I wish I had really taken the time to have one big blow out summer before all that came after Ian was born. So, try to enjoy this last bit of time. This bit of freedom and whatever wildness you can come up with to do. Go lots of places while you only have to grab your purse and wait for Nick to find his keys. It gets so complicated once you mix in a little one. In the beginning, it would take me almost an hour to get out of the door (no exaggeration). Look at it not as the time in your life you want to change, but the last bit of time in your life before the change.

    1. I had sushi today! Thanks for giving me a different perspective. It is tough when you feel ready for one thing but our body obviously isn’t. But I can be patient. And try to preemptively catch up on sleep!

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