Multiple sclerosis, Struggles, What was I thinking?

Is it just me?

I can’t decide whether I’m a victim of my own technophilia or the scrubbing-bubbles effect MS can have on the brain.

Lately, it’s logins. I have nearly four dozen of them, all told.

Two I know by heart. The rest are a confusing heap of random qwertiness that leaves me grasping at straws for the right combination, even though I created the thing in the first blasted place.

Which means I have to change certain passwords a lot because I keep forgetting them … and sometimes I write them down, but I don’t want to say what account they are tied to, so then it comes down to these sad clues I leave for myself, Memento-style, that I never seem to figure out.

Yes, for some I opt for it to remember my login info. But that’s not 100% foolproof. Take this blog —

You know you have MS if your brain fog is so bad you forget how to log into your MS blog.

It’s only more recent information I seem to have a problem with. I will probably recite my childhood phone number and street address on my deathbed. (Mom and dad, kudos on raising a child know her safety info!)

Part of me thinks it’s not really me but the information overload we all must struggle with as modern-day denizens of the digital world.

I have friends who complain of the mom-brain syndrome.

My husband forgets where he leaves his pocket stuff on a daily basis.


And here’s where I forget my next thought …

Gulp. Sometimes it is me.


5 thoughts on “Is it just me?”

  1. With my decision to keep maiden name, I have soooo many different name combinations so not only can’t I remember log in, I can’t remember under which name or user ID. Then the university makes us change every 90 days, so that compounds the problem.

    I think this means we have too many online bill pays….

  2. I’m pretty sure it’s technology overload. I’ve gotten so bad I’m on a first name basis with the ladies at my bank’s home office because I’m calling twice a week to have my online account unlocked because I can’t recall the password :/

  3. Yup, passwords drive me so nutty. I have asked my husband the same question in a row over and over what is my password again? Lol. As long as we remember the people we love and where we live, I guess then we are doing ok.
    Sending light your way.

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