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Rumors of my demise were greatly exaggerated

When we last left off, our heroine was fumbling over her myriad passwords and tolerating the brutal Arkansas summer with aplomb, whatever that is.

As the months ticked by, she bravely trudged on, juggling her jobs and home life and health.

On the MS front, things are pretty OK. Not perfect, no. That would require a chocolate-covered cure. But no new exacerbations – chalk that up to less stress on the job front.

Still, there is much work to be done. More funds to be raised. More research to be conducted. More services to be offered to MS patients. More programs to help those who need it.

Which is why (drumroll): I am this year’s chairwoman for Walk MS!


It’s a huge honor, and one I took on after being asked in December.

So it’s my mission to get the word out about MS and how warriors fight it daily. Get team captains motivated. Get the givers to giving. Get the public to care.

What did Voltaire say? With great power comes great responsibility.

I hope I can make an impact in my small corner of the world. I hope I’ve already done that, in some small way, with these ramblings.

But now it’s your turn to step up in a big way. HELP ME!

Join my team. Or donate. No amount is too small.

I’m a big believer in good deeds. Prove me right, friends!

2013-Walk MS Email Signature_Final

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