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Getting the word out

It's harder than it seems. I shouldn't have a problem with public speaking, particularly when the topic is something I'm passionate about like multiple sclerosis. But here I was, amid fellow MSers, activists and lawmakers, at a loss for what to say. The event was a Legislative Luncheon at the state Capitol, put together by… Continue reading Getting the word out

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Hot off the presses

I was fortunate enough to get to write an article in our statewide newspaper about parents with disabilities (it runs today in the FamilyStyle section). I was even more fortunate to get to talk to two fellow MSers who have been giving this disease hell for far longer than I. It's encouraging to see these comrades… Continue reading Hot off the presses

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Art and advocacy

I have been so privileged in my life to be around the arts — what a supportive, embracing world it can be! I have been dancing since I could string three steps togehter, and kept going all through college. I quit after that, but through my very dear friend and mentor, Jennifer, got back into… Continue reading Art and advocacy

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The last to leave, the first to try

Watching the horrors unfold in Japan, I'm struck today by the technicians at the Fukushima nuclear power plant who stayed behind. As everyone else was evacuated, these 50 or so operators crawled around in white jumpsuits with oxygen tanks strapped to their backs, trying to stave off further reactor trouble. Radiation is a given at… Continue reading The last to leave, the first to try

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Around my world in 180 days

Six months ago today I was in a hospital bed. My legs were these feeble, foreign-feeling abstractions of flesh and bone not living up to their purpose. Just work, dammit! I pleaded to them over and over and over. My head was swimming from a cocktail of steroids and pain medicine. My life had been… Continue reading Around my world in 180 days