Advocacy, Multiple sclerosis

Victory is ours!

I pulled into the work parking lot this morning with a little trepidation.

Would there be a spot for me? Or would I be parking near the back and limping in?

And then I saw them. One, at first. And then two others.

Gloriously branded in fresh paint, three new blue-and-white disabled logos greeted me.

I nearly cried with relief.

Not so much for myself, although I was happy that I wouldn’t have the hike, but for the larger ADA cause.

I didn’t resort to “extreme measures,” either.

Oh, there was much sound and fury, ultimately signifying nothing on my end, but my caterwauling did put me in touch with someone who went through other channels to get the job done.

In other words, I asked our political editor for advice and he wound up asking the owner of the lot to add more spaces. He’s influential like that, whereas I was spurned at Step 1.

So there was no DOJ letter-writing campaign, although we were prepared to put pen to paper to that end.

We in this case being everyone with a disabled tag on the 3rd floor of my office.

It felt surprisingly good to be an advocate. Even better than it felt to get one of those new spots.



6 thoughts on “Victory is ours!”

    1. That’s no good at all. In Arkansas the process is fairly easy – one of the boxes to check is actually for MS.

      1. This is my Doctors way of making me fight back against the disease so I’m really not all that upset at him. It forces me to walk, which I must admit I can still do pretty easily.

  1. So good to hear Jenn. I remember reading your post about what happened when you called the lot owner about the handicap spots in the lot. I am so glad they put three new spots out there. I know with my Fibro that on days, like today for instance, when I am in so much pain it hurts to walk, sit, lay down, or move at all hurts, I wouldn’t be able to go anywhere if there wasn’t a handicap spot very close to where ever I have to go. Great news for you! Thanks for sharing!

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