Advocacy, Multiple sclerosis

Stepping up

I could never be a fundraiser.

It’s painful asking for money from others, especially in times like these.

Because, if you are anything like me, there’s not a whole lot of it these days. After essentials and a mortgage and gas and food and medical bills, what’s left?

How can I dare ask people to part with any of their discretionary income?

I swallow the doubt and just do.

And hope that they feel as strongly as I do about this MS cause, or hope that they think highly enough of me to want to chip in.

Every little bit helps. I had so many friends step up when I asked. It has been overwhelming, the support.

Money isn’t the only way to help. Time, of energy, of kindness, those intangibles are important, too. And they’ve helped me through many a dark hour lately.

I have a group of about 20 strong walking with me tomorrow in the MS Walk in Little Rock. That is quite a feeling.

So thank you, dear friends, for all that you’ve done. You’ve helped make the past 6 months bearable.

And, as we head into the last day of fundraising, I wanted to share my walk page:

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