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MS Walk 2011

It’s in the books.

And thanks to my support network, Team Word Herders raised $640, surpassing the goal I set for us and putting us 16th in the top fundraisers.

I had an awesome group of people with me for the walk – Nick, Crystal, Shannon, Beth, all of them I’ve known since college. And then my work buddies Heidi (In the Family Way) as well as her twins, Yavonda (Baby and the Beasts) along with Alaina and Matt, Nick’s outfit twinkie Kristina (Moody Mom), Cathy (Arkie Mama) and her two kids, Tootie and E-Man, and Kristin (Starter Kid) and her little bundle, Kahlan.

Thank you all for taking time out of your weekend to walk with me. I am a lucky, lucky girl to have such good people around me.

Oh, and Ella. Of course she came along. We all decked ourselves out in orange accessories, and joined hundreds of others to bring awareness to MS and work toward making it a disease of the past.

The day was beautiful, if a tad hot. I now have the most awkward of sunburns across my chest and am a little worse for the wear. If this is any indication of how summer is going to go, then I might need to invest in a personal misting system.

I didn’t take too many photos (boo!) but this one captures the essence of the day for me and makes me smile. Nick giving the subtle thumbs up, Matt throwing up the victory arms, Kristina always with a camera, Tootie walking Ella.

7 thoughts on “MS Walk 2011”

  1. Am just glad Ella did not take advantage and flee from Tootie! We had a recent incident … ahem … with a squirrel and an ultimately broken leash! We’ll be there next year for the walk as well!

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