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Born to run?

Today is the Little Rock Marathon, an event that has drawn elite athletes and weekend runners and … me.

At least for the 5K. What can I say, I like wearing medals like I’m Mr. T.

At the expo to pick up my bib at the 2010 race.

I’ve never much been into running as my calorie-burning activity of choice. I enjoy the scenery and the commune with the great outdoors, sure, but not enough to stomach the grueling nature of putting one foot in front of the other in a brisk fashion for an extended period of time.

It’s an endurance test that I have failed again and again.

There was never much training for the 5K. I signed up, and jogged. And then slowed to a walk. And then jogged. More walking. Pain. Walking. Blisters. Limping. Finish line — triumphant, fist-pump in the air jog for a photogenic finish!

I’m not cut out for it. But that’s OK. I’m able-bodied in other ways — biking, dancing, Wii-ing. Ping pong. I kick some serious ass at that particular activity.

But not running. Again, fine with me. It just means I can observe and admire others who can. Like Heath White (this is an old story, but the inspirational message still resonates):

And, Dan, who also has MS:

2 thoughts on “Born to run?”

  1. As always Jenn, great blog post! You have an incredible voice in your writing, and I appreciate your positive, yet realistic, perspectives. Thanks for 1) mentioning one of my posts in you blog; and 2) Including this link in a post that shares the title of one of the biggest songs by THE best musician ever (IMHO)!!

  2. I remember that story, but I don’t remember you being the author. Love those type of stories. Like the hat, too. I have a purple shirt with the same message.

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