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Magical thinking

I've pretty much stayed on the conventional medicine path for my ailments, whether it be bronchitis (Z-Pac to the rescue!) or multiple sclerosis (interferons). I mean, remember my early research into MS treatments? Much has been made this past week about Steve Jobs' decision to forgo surgery and use alternative therapies to treat his pancreatic… Continue reading Magical thinking

Multiple sclerosis, Treatment

Hit me with your best shot: Comparing Betaseron and Copaxone

Switching MS treatments has been more of an adjustment than I thought. I figured a shot was a shot was a shot, right? Wrong. In a layman's way, I get how Betaseron and Copaxone are different — the former is an interferon that works by reducing the ability of inflammatory cells of the immune system… Continue reading Hit me with your best shot: Comparing Betaseron and Copaxone

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Reefer badness

I am intensely curious about the origins of quite random things — from Post-Its and sushi to wooden shoes and certain psychotropic drugs. Really, who was the first person to think that smoking a plant was a good idea? The thought never would have occurred to me. Cannabis sativa. Known colloquially as marijuana. Also goes by pot,… Continue reading Reefer badness

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The shot heard ’round the house

I knew it was bound to happen. Nearly six months into treatment, I am experiencing serious shot fatigue. We've not exactly been vigilant in following the when of the injection here lately. It's supposed to be every other night, but I think we've gone about three days without doing one this past week. The where… Continue reading The shot heard ’round the house

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CCSVI’m confused

I'm not a doctor. I don't play one on TV, either. So to say I'm flummoxed by multiple sclerosis, in a clinical sense, is an understatement. Which makes me like most laymen, but also those like above-average doctors, who have been searching for a cause/treatment/cure to MS for at least 150 years and have yet… Continue reading CCSVI’m confused