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I’ve got baggage

I am about to have a serious logistical problem on my hands, quite literally.

Bags, bags, everywhere bags. With me nearly every morning is a filled-to-the brim backpack, a purse, a lunch bag and sometimes even another tote.

Why? Because I have a bunch of stuff. And I keep acquiring more stuff.

The telltale signs are all there: Slumped shoulders, slight wince if someone goes to rub my neck or back, the near-permanent crimping of my hands, the cramped elevator because I take up so much real estate with my bag orgy.

Yes, Dr. Phil, I carry too much baggage around with me. Go ahead and call me a hoarder, and point to some underlying fear that I am unprepared for life and this is my cry for help.

Which it most definitely is.

I would love to pare down, but I don’t see how it’s possible. There’s the laptop, the tablet, the notebook, the calendar, the wallet, the Burt’s Bees, the lunch, the camera … shall I go on? This stuff goes wherever I go.

With each item, I can make a valid argument for its essentialness. I’m very Thoreauvian that way. Simplify, simplify, simplify? Been there, Tweeted that.

So it occurs to me that the problem isn’t so much about the amount of stuff, but how it’s packaged. Three bags? Yeah, I’m so over it.

I need one mega-bag, one with big, deep pockets, a weight-distribution system that doesn’t leave me with one arm out of socket, and one that doesn’t have wheels.

Yes, I’m anti-rollybag. With a cane, you could see where this would get complicated, no?

So aside from this fantastical piece of cuteness, does anyone have any suggestions?

7 thoughts on “I’ve got baggage”

  1. I want to know the answer to this too! I also have been carrying around 3 bags daily: pumping bag, purse and lunchbag. Somedays when I add yet one more thing, the front seat of the minivan will start beeping at me, thinking someone is sitting there without a seatbelt on because of the weight. It’s ridiculous!

  2. For one, I would get a super smart phone. My Droid, for example, does all of the things a laptop and tablet do and has a 12 MP camera with a flash. So, there’s a lot of condensing right off the bat. For the rest, I can’t really talk as I lug everything around in a huge diaper bag. I never carried a purse or anything like that before I had my son. I stuck my debit card, drivers license, and a little cash in my back pocket and I was good to go. Now, I see myself even carrying changes of clothes around!

    1. Laptop, tablet and phone are all work-related. they make me, as much as I hate the phrase, a mojo (mobile journalist). Otherwise the laptop would be first to go – it’s 8 stinking pounds!

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