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The physics of disability

The most beautiful girl in the world.

My life of late has come down to a simple equation explained rather matter of factly by physics. That doesn’t make the reality any easier to endure.

Tripod (and apparently overweight) dog + stairs to get outside + my general weakness and numbness in arms = Huge fail.

Ella, our mutt mix, being the elite athlete she is, tore her right ACL this week. She’ll have surgery and be on the DL for a few weeks.

In the meantime, she’s hobbling. And I’m hobbling. And together our hobbling has made for some high drama in our household.

She’s managing better than I am. And Nick, well, he’s earned so many gold stars this week (and every week). Fingers crossed he stays healthy.

4 thoughts on “The physics of disability”

  1. Strangely, my old poodle Toulouse began hobbling around spastically about the same time I did. At first, I wondered if he were mocking me in some perverse, French-mime way, but it turns out he had some kind of infection, which has passed with time and antibiotics. His disability remains, and we are quite entertaining to watch when I take Toulouse out to relieve himself, if you like that Grand Guignol kind of thing.

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