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You down with PPC?

As mentioned before, I got involved with the MS Society fairly early after my diagnosis. It's a way to connect with others who share this terrible disease (which somehow makes it not-so terrible), and meet advocates who offer support and expertise. I got to meet with the marketing team for the South Central region to… Continue reading You down with PPC?

Multiple sclerosis

On a positive note

MS blows. No doubt about it. But here's to finding the silver lining: Adult naps are not only permissible, they are encouraged. The better parking. Great struggle = great art. See: Van Gogh, Hemingway, so on. Although their demise ... well, still. No more lugging around laundry baskets. Buying more dresses because they don't have… Continue reading On a positive note

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Strength in numbers

I have been very fortunate to have a close group of friends to see me through the rough spots with kinds words, encouragement, food and, when needed, margaritas. I have been equally fortunate to have other friends and co-workers and erstwhile acquaintances step up to help in whatever way they can. We may not see… Continue reading Strength in numbers

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The hell month

I'm a month into this, my longest exacerbation since being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in September 2010. I've had flare-ups, but they've all been quickly extinguished by either starting a round of steroids or because the disease-modifying therapy was working. I don't know if I explain just how life-rending these tend to be without sounding… Continue reading The hell month