Multiple sclerosis, Treatment

Double B

I’ve taken my health into my own hands.

Which is to say my shot regimen has changed a bit. Instead of stomach, leg, leg, arm, arm, cheek, cheek, I’ve decided to go stomach, stomach, stomach, cheek, cheek, cheek, cheek.

Head, shoulders knees and toes, knees and toes. If only there were a catchy song for this. Belly, butt, butt again, butt again …

This is to avoid the sort of non-fat less fatty parts that were giving me so much grief. The welts on my legs and arms after the shots would linger for days at a time, and I was sooooo sore. And I’ve read and heard where other Copaxone users do this.

That’s not to say the new approach is all peaches and cream.

As I told my friend the other day, “My butt itches, but not for the typical reason.”

I have no idea what I meant by that. But we laughed anyways. And I scratched. Alllll day.

And in the stomach, the injection sites are right around the waistband, which is no good. More scratching. Which can’t look good. And there’s no way to be inconspicuous about it, unless I were to head for the bathroom every time the urge was there. Seven-year itch? More like seven minutes.

And I’ve been tempted to just go all Thanksgiving and loosen a button or two, hoping to alleviate some of the friction.

I might have to wear nothing but dresses, or worse, elastic, from here on out.

At any rate, I’m going to try this system to see how it goes, even if it’s not ideal (what about MS is, though?). I might work the other areas back into the rotation.

For now, though, it’s the Double B — belly and butt.


5 thoughts on “Double B”

  1. You can itch yourself all you need to! Maybe we’ll just pull up an appropriate song next time and make a go of it, hah. I’ll jam with you. How about:
    She was doing the butt
    Hey, pretty, pretty
    When you get that notion
    Put your backfield in motion, honey
    Doing the butt
    Hey, sexy, sexy
    Ain’t nothing wrong if you
    Wanna do the butt all night long

  2. Jenn, I shot Copaxone for 7 years but am now on monthly infusion (refuse to specify the name, mindful of Google alerts, for example). But here’s my two cents on welts: icing the site before or after didn’t work for me, but a hot pad and pressure after, until stinging went away, did. And I never got long-lasting welts. (p.s. Have you heard of the song ‘Bertha Butt Boogie’? One of my husband’s fav!)

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