Multiple sclerosis, Struggles

Excuses, excuses

I haven’t been posting regularly, which could be read as bad and good.

Good, because it means I have nothing to complain about, which supposes that the worst of MS has retreated for now (the remitting part of relapsing/remitting).

Bad, because of course there are topics to talk about — it’s been a busy month. I’m now government relations committee co-chair at our National Multiple Sclerosis Society and a member of the regional marketing workgroup. They are both on a volunteer basis, but I’m very invested in both, as much as my schedule allows.

I’ve also been crazy busy at work, which is nothing new.

Excuses, I know. I wonder if I have been making too many of those lately.

Like parking in a handicapped stall when I am walking fine. But I might not be after 8 hours of work.

Like making Nick run the laundry downstairs, or put away the groceries, even if I’m not overwhelmingly tired. But I could get that way pretty quickly.

Like only going 15 minutes on the exercise bike when I should do 30. But this is hard work for someone like me.

Like saying I can’t do something for the umpteen thousandth time. But I need my rest.

I wish we came equipped with a low fuel light, so I knew exactly when to start ratcheting it down. Because I tend to go until I hit that proverbial wall. And my crashes are ugly, the kind you shield your child’s eyes from. If only a little sensor could ding ding ding to tell me. I suppose there are subtle warning signs to key in on, but I’m good at ignoring those, or, more likely, treat them as small obstacles to overcome.

Yeah, fatigue always wins in the long run, so why even try to fight it? Another excuse?



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