Here comes the sun

It’s been a dreary few days here. Spring sprang for all of three minutes, that tease.

And then rain and cold. Bleak. Blah.

So out with the sweaters again.

But nothing, not even SAD-inducing weather, is going to put a damper on my life right now. Not even busted NCAA brackets (and if you’ve seen mine lately, that’s saying a lot).

I’m on Cloud 7. Not yet hop-scotched to those final two Claes Oldenburg cotton balls, but I’m getting there.

Why so giddy?

Because, after nearly 10 years of marriage and around 13 years total together, for the first time Nick and I will be on the same schedule.

I can’t even begin to explain how huge this is. It was a big gamble, him switching careers midstream, but the big payoff is here.

The sun is finally breaking through the clouds.

Sure, I was OK alone. Left to my own devices, I read a lot, worked on projects, so on. But admittedly, I was lonely. And we had grown apart.

Then there was the health thing. If I was weak, no one would be there to help. If I fell, no one could pick me up. If I locked myself in the basement (don’t ask), then no one could let me out.

Now I don’t have those worries.

Bright days are ahead.


3 thoughts on “Here comes the sun”

  1. this is wonderful! it will be so good for you guys!

    i worked evenings, nights, weekends and holidays for the past 12 years… now i’m monday-friday 8-4… man what a difference that has made for every part of my life… i have a life now…

    yea!! enjoy!!

  2. I’m so thrilled for you both! It is sooo nice getting to see your hubbie over the dinner table (or in my case sitting on the couch) every night.

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