Advocacy, Multiple sclerosis

MS =

National Multiple Sclerosis Awareness week is coming up. Fittingly enough, it will be right about the time of my 6-month diagnosis anniversary.

As part of its get-out-the-word campaign, the National MS Society has come up with MS = _____

And we fill in the blank.

Because MS is insidious, life-altering, unpredictable, infuriating, thieving, and did I mention insidious? Also, it affects no two people in the same way.

So here’s what it means to me:

MS = Getting “lower” high heels.

MS = Waking up already tired some days.

MS = Dancing through the pain.

MS = A medical explanation for my klutziness!

MS = Another reason to stay tough.

Robin over at Move with MS has a pitch-perfect list of what MS means to her, including this one:

MS = Living my life my way regardless of MS. I’ll get there, I promise!

Here are some others I’ve found on Twitter (#msequals):

MS = dancing in the minefields. Very, very true. And the location of those minefields changes every. single. day.

MS = I get a good parking spot! Amen to that!

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