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We’re walking, yes indeed

It’s official.

Team Word Herders is now registered for the MS Walk in Little Rock on April 9.

Three cheers for that! (And a big thanks to Kristin for the suggestion. She’s so rad.)

While I’m not entirely comfortable with asking people other than my dad for money, I’m going to try anyways.

Because when it comes down to it, this isn’t completely about me. It’s so, so much larger than me.

And every donation counts. I think of it this way – if everyone I’m friends with on Facebook gives a dollar to this cause through me, I will have exceeded my team goal.

I know, I know. I sound like Sally Struthers here. Except that this is a once-a-year deal.

For those looking to walk with me, I’ll be adding more details as I get them. But circle the morning of April 9 on your calendar!

The even is from 10-11 in the Rivermarket Amphitheater. The walk isn’t very long, and there’s going to be food, entertainment and ME!

For me, this walk is going to commemorate my 6-month anniversary with MS. And it also comes the weekend before my birthday.

So those sound like big enough reasons to get out and walk!

7 thoughts on “We’re walking, yes indeed”

  1. Don’t feel weird asking! Where do we donate? I support a good friend of mine who does a 100-mile bike ride for MS every year in Kansas City. It’s a horrible disease that needs a cure and those of us who know you don’t mind supporting you in any way we can Sorry I can’t walk that day.

  2. Congrats on creating a team! I did my first walk 6 months after I was diagnosed too. A bit overwhelming but SO much fun and so nice to meet all the people who have and support MS.

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