Multiple sclerosis

Please give

In my mailbox yesterday was one of those nondescript envelopes addressed to me but in that casual handwriting that always gives me pause. I mean, what if it was those name stickers we all get from whatever organization that is each year?

Well, maybe this isn’t junk junk mail so I’ll open it and check before chunking it.

It was from the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Good thing I opened it.

Dear Jennifer,

We need your help. Please give your donation now to give hope to those in your area living with multiple sclerosis.

I’m paraphrasing here, but that’s the gist of the note.

What the?

I am that person in my area! Do I give? Or maybe I should write back.

Dear NMSS,

Please send any donations you receive from the North Little Rock area directly to me. I will make sure they are put to good use in my Treats/Drinks/Shoe Fund.

As a person living with MS, I know firsthand how to deal with stress: Indulge oneself, even if it’s something small every so often. No, pistachio gelato from the fancy pizza place won’t erase all the bad going on, but if it gets me out of the doldrums for even a day, then it’s worth it.

3 thoughts on “Please give”

  1. I felt the same when I got my first donation letter AND phone call from NMSS. I cannot personally ask (beg?) people for donations – I feel like I’m asking for myself. But I’m not – I would do it for others with MS, for my children, God forbid they inherit this from me.
    BTW – Jenn, with your permission, I would like to add you to one of my blog rolls (no expectation of the same). I really like your honest writing, with the raw and insightful perspective of a new MS’er (brings me back) that I think would resonate with many others.

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