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Ring it in

I don’t put much stock into New Year’s traditions, other than to find the closest cute drunk guy to plant one on as the clock counts down. And eat black-eyed peas. And, for a while, watch those crazies waterski the Mississippi from my warm perch at Landry’s in downtown Memphis.

That tradition ended the year after it began. Something about seafood and ice cream in copious amounts and a family re-enactment of the barf-o-rama scene from Stand by Me, brought about by the most noxious fart ever smelled.

Ahhh, memories. I choke up still thinking about that one.

But one thing I certainly don’t do is make entirely arbitrary New Year resolutions. Don’t get me wrong – I’ve set myself up for that particular brand of failure before, year after year after year. But then … epiphany.

Like when it dawned on me that Valentine’s Day was nothing more than a greeting card holiday blown out to ridiculous commercialized proportions. Oh, yes, I’m that girl. No, I was never jilted on that day. But Nick gets a free pass from getting me anything heart-shaped, diamond-encrusted or petaled that day. Chocolate? Well, he can get me that any day.

But before February has its holiday, January has its. And it’s a doozy of one. I mean, I’m all for the Dionysian fetes on New Year’s Eve, celebrating with friends and putting another year behind us. But the Apollonian selves we are to *poof* turn into the next day, that I take a pass on.

If I’m not already motivated to turn over a new leaf, start fresh, get the next chapter started, whatever your euphemism of choice, then a new day of a new year isn’t going to convince me of behavior modification. Just like Valentine’s Day, who needs the pressure?

The second half of 2010 has been one of extreme lows. I’m ready drop this year like a bad boyfriend and embrace what’s ahead (for those wanting to more read into that, don’t. Nick is stuck with me for the rest of his natural born life – provided he provides me with chocolate).

But I’ll stop short of making specific goals and checklists and milestones. Time marches on, so 2011 is simply a continuation of life as I know it. And I’ll do what I’ve always done: Try to make the most of each day, try to always be the better version of myself, try to maintain a modicum of sanity.

And try to stay away from fried oysters and ice cream.

1 thought on “Ring it in”

  1. I love this sentence: But the Apollonian selves we are to *poof* turn into the next day, that I take a pass on. Every year, I tell myself that this year will be different. That I’ll be a better person. That I’ll eat better and exercise. That next year I won’t be working every holiday unless it’s the weekend or if I ask for it off. C’est la vie, huh? Guess I’m just glad to still be here. Like you said, it’s really day by day.

    I wish you and Nick a slightly belated Happy New Year with many more trips to the new Target. 🙂

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