Wordless (yeah, right) Wednesday: Day by day

If there’s one thing I love about the new year, it’s new calendars! I have quite an unhealthy obsession with office supplies, so paper products are right up my alley.

Nick let me indulge by getting not one but TWO calendars for this coming year. It helps when they are already half off.

All in a day's word.

The biggest question becomes which calendar to get. Funny? Inspirational? Photos? I went all scholarly with my page-a-day. In no time I’ll be dropping 50-cent words like frigorific and nychthemeron into my everyday conversations.

My weekly calendar is a bound book with a few lines by each day to jot notes and the like. A mini-journal, if you will. I’ve tried the fancy Levenger kind, I’ve tried the standard monthly, and I’m hoping this one fits my style the best. I’m more free-form than structured, so keeping a calendar has always been a challenge.

I’m also an iPhone junkie, so you think I could keep up with (doctor) appointments with its handy-dandy iCal. My friend and I were discussing this the other day. It’s one thing to hunt and peck to type a cryptic message on the fly. But I think we find that the act of writing is still our go-to method of cataloging.

And, while I don’t scrapbook, it’s a marvel of sorts to go back and look at this tangible record of life, which may seem so mundane at the time but takes on a sentimental importance years later. I came across a calendar from my high school years not too long ago. It was full of the usual trivial drivel, sure, but there was something comforting in seeing long-lost names and places and events.

I hope my calendars for next year will keep me smart, keep me on time and most of all, keep me engaged. Funny how office supplies can make life a little easier to navigate (don’t even get me started on file folders!).

10 thoughts on “Wordless (yeah, right) Wednesday: Day by day”

      1. i appreciated the Godspell reference 🙂 my assistant at work bought me a “Zen” calendar. she thinks i’m always the calm, cool, and collected one. at least i got one person fooled!

      2. Gigi on the mountaintop. Or would it be ‘poof’ in the restroom stall? I will say I enjoyed the little Zen garden I had (the one in the tiny box you get a B&N, incidentally – they should pay me for all of my plugs for them!)

    1. they were already pretty picked over, but if you go to the NLR one, make sure you check the area behind the cafe and near the cookbooks. there’s another calendar stand there. I think I did see some cat ones!

    1. awww! i hope to do that one day with my cute kiddo. (of course it will be cute, right?) I could do one of my pets, I suppose.

  1. You have always been a little on the crazy side. Ha just kidding. My obsession is shampoo and conditioner – I love trying different kinds. Hubby hates it because there is 10 different kinds in the shower.

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