Multiple sclerosis, What was I thinking?

Walking contradiction

Taking a walk on the wild side.

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a thing for shoes. Love. them.

So of course it devastated me to think that I couldn’t teeter totter along in silly heels anymore.

But so long as my legs aren’t all gumby-fied, I’m going to rock the hell out of some sky-high shoes. With my cane in hand.

6 thoughts on “Walking contradiction”

  1. They sell some beautiful and slightly less “old lady” canes at the cancer center at UAMS. They are a bit expensive, around $50, but worth not having to rock the metal cane. I envy you for the shoe thing, I cannot wear heels at all anymore. Makes me wish I had worn them more when I could!

    1. I think my Christmas this year will include some sort of cool cane, as well as some knitted socks (are you listening, Santa?). I will check out the cancer center.

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