Multiple sclerosis


I watched snippets of the Gabby Giffords special last night.

Because I’m in a hyper-emotional state (darn hormones), I sniffled my way through most of them.

Her and husband Mark Kelly’s message of hope and courage, of perseverance and patience, was inspiring, sure, but also got me thinking.

Her recovery has been remarkable, and she deserves the lion’s share of credit for pushing onward.

Of course, she has quite the support system in her family, therapists and doctors.

As it should be.

I hope that all traumatic brain injury patients get that same level of care and support And that all MS patients get access to a neurologist and disease-modifying therapies. I know that’s rarely the case. I am lucky to live where I do and have a neurologist who is at the top of her game. I am lucky to be able to afford my treatment. I am lucky to live in this day and age, when so many advances are being made.

Gabby Giffords is a lot of things: smart, brave, tough as nails, hopeful. And in a sense, lucky.

An inch to the right or below and the shot would have been fatal. Any minute lost would have been detrimental. Any other treatment and she might not be at the point she is.







1 thought on “Lucky”

  1. I watched it too. She is having an amazing recovery and what an amazing husband.

    I agree, it would be nice if everyone had that hands on health care when they need it.

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