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Project management

While Nick is getting a jump on some spring cleaning (new vacuum – thanks, parents!), I’m busy plotting our next big project(s).

The list is getting intimidating, but also very inspiring:

1/ Painting – finish up kitchen and then move on to office. Since I spend quite a good amount of time in our office, I should feel happy and comfortable in it, right? The color is mellow yellow (OK, the paint is called clam chowder, but you just have to see to believe).

2 / Jazz up my filing cabinet with swatches from here: These patterns make me giddy!

3/ Get my proverbial poop in a group and start a team for the MS Walk on April 9 in Little Rock. Most exciting is the T-shirt design I am envisioning. Actually, most exciting would be to get a bunch of people (like 100!) to walk with me. I’ll keep posting details on le blog. The team name is still up in the air – Magical MStery Tour? Word Herders (submitted by my lovely friend Kristin because she knows how much I love ’em)? Team Walker-Godwins (a play on mine and Nick’s surnames, particularly because I kept my maiden one)? More suggestions welcome! Just comment on this post.

4/ Do more bloggy stuff. I realize my blog is quite, um, sparse looking. Part of me likes it that way, but part of me wants to jazz it up, like my filing cabinet. My personality is at odds with itself — I love order and organization, but am most creative amid chaos.

5/ Plan for a trip. Don’t know when, where or how. I just have a why: Because I want, no, need to experience the world while I still physically can. East Coast in the summer sounds tempting.

6/ In the same vein, dance while I still can. Sorta. It wears me out, truthfully, and it takes two days to recover for every hour I put in. But, and more in a later post about this, I found my inspiration for movement: Cathy Weis.

6 thoughts on “Project management”

  1. If you ever need any help in the painting department, just call! I’m also very helpful in the traveling department, too. 😀

  2. You should do the MS Walk. I’ve had so much fun doing them. Great way to get your family and friends together too. I have considering designing a shirt for my team but can never think of anything good. If you have any ideas for The Bean Team send them my way!!!!

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