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The days are just packed

What a whirlwind of a week.

And not in a bounding giddily through the snow, catalog life sort of way.

More like in a flirt with death driving to work in the snice, then come home and feel deflated/defeated kind of way.

I think snow days and shorter days make me sullen.

A far cry from childhood, when the most I had to concern myself with was how I wanted to decorate my snowman.

I long for the days that aren’t packed with a million tasks.

When snow means playtime.

But hey, at least there’s hot chocolate.

And spring is right around the corner.




6 thoughts on “The days are just packed”

    1. amen! and i will watch that video on your blog when i’m not as weepy. i know it would open the floodgates. so excited for AW!

  1. It’s supposed to be 65 degrees next Thursday. Maybe this was the end of the snow. Which would be good since my days of feeling competent driving on snow/ice are long gone. I certainly cannot walk in any of it, my one attempt of playing in the snow ended with me rolling around IN the snow on the ground unable to get to my feet even with my husband’s help. Pathetic.

  2. Love the Calvin and Hobbes 🙂 And fear not, Jenn. Spring is just around the corner. And whether you like baseball or not (it’s THE best sport IMHO), I hope you take comfort in knowing that pitchers and catchers are reporting for spring training this weeekend!

    1. Oh, man. This might be a friendship dealbreaker, Dan. Especially if you are a Cubs fan like I think you are.

      But, GO CARDS!


  3. Guilty as charged … Growing up in Iowa I grew up a Cubs fan. Living in Michigan, well, I’m living as a converted Tigers fan. Have nothing against the Cards. Can we still be friends?

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