Multiple sclerosis

Boy crazy

* UPDATE* Signing day went fine, save for a few hiccups. But the more I work, the less I feel that I can keep up this pace. The occasional 12-hour day is fine, but I’ve had more than I care to remember. Part of it is me, but part of it is the job.

I have had my eye on about 30 or so guys (all tall, rugged, athletic) for a while now. This infatuation has built and built and built to where they are all I think of all day long.

Nick doesn’t mind too much, this obsessing over them like it is my job.

Which, truth be told, it is.

You see, I handle some of the sports recruiting coverage for our website. And today is like Christmas, Halloween and Valentine’s Day all rolled into one superholiday for those who follow this sort of thing. Well, maybe not Valentine’s Day.

Sure, some think it’s anti-climactic, since most of these players have committed and now just have to go through the formality of putting pen to paper. Still, it’s a rush of excitement to see which school lands the best recruiting class. And I know the process has been tarnished with the Reggie Bush and Cam Newton scandals, so there are a lot of detractors.

So I’d rather focus on the purity I find in sports: the teamwork, the athleticism, the ritual.

What I can most appreciate is the majesty of the human form in motion. I know for some MSers it is tough to watch athletes or dancers or anyone in prime physical shape.

I admit to feeling a little twinge of yearning, and that’s probably the biggest reason I’ve steered clear of dance class. I’m most afraid it will trigger a tsunami of emotion that would be counterproductive to my already fragile emotional well-being.

But watching athletes, I can do that. Even if today, it’s just putting pen to paper.

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