Multiple sclerosis, What was I thinking?

Bah humbug

Or not. Just break out the spiked eggnog, slap on a happy face and sing along to this little ditty! Somehow, I don’t think it will be a hit with carolers this year.

On the twelfth day of this new life, my MS brought to me:

12 types of symptoms

11 days in bed

10 nurses doting

9 needles pricking

8 friends a cooking

7 doctors hmmmming

6 weeks of feeling blechy

5 MRIs!!!!!!!!

4 more scans

3 big bouquets

2 “We need more blood”

And an “oh shit” bit of clarity


7 thoughts on “Bah humbug”

    1. my favorite is the 5 MRIs. although it may have wound up being more than five. but whatever. artistic license and all.

  1. Jen you make me smile. I love how through it all you have kept that wonderful sense of humor that always made me smile in speech class 🙂

    1. Thanks, Amy! You are still as sweet as ever. I try to keep my spirits up, so whenever I’m feeling down I just think of silly things to break out of the funk. I never really thought of myself as funny… I can make myself laugh, but I’m a dork that way.

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