Multiple sclerosis, Struggles

Being sick on top of being sick

I’ve been fighting a nasty cold here lately.

Like radioactive green stuff coming out of my nose kind of cold.

It’s really the first time I’ve been sick in a year, which, coincidentally, is how long I’ve been living with MS.

And let me say, for the record, it f#4@*)&g suuuuuuuuuucks. I don’t recommend. I want to kick this cold in its face.

But I’m a trooper, or I tried to be. I missed a day of work and called for reinforcements (my awesome mother) and home remedies (her awesome soup).

I should have called my PCP (but didn’t). I should have taken something other than chicken noodle soup and hot tea (I didn’t). I should have stayed home more days (of course I didn’t).

Stupid me.

I woke up the other night with my hair so wet you would think I had just washed it. I guess I had a fever?

So here’s the thing about MS and being sick. If you are having an exacerbation, it lingers around, as if there wasn’t enough wrong.

The fatigue and weakness, hallmarks of MS, are ramped up just a bit more. They do, in fact, go to 11.

So this weekend will be about taking it easy. The only activity really on the agenda is attending a Travs game, finally. It’s their last homestand of the season.

And there will be sleep. And reading. And bossing asking Nick around politely to do stuff.



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