Oh, April

You have outdone yourself, really.

You started with such promise (a successful prank on Day 1, the MS Walk on April 9).

Then you showed your true colors.

From the capricious reproductive system to the stormy birthday, things got rough fairly quick.

If there was a so-called bright spot with you, it’s that there isn’t much to report on the MS front – we’re in a holding pattern. No regression.

But there were other worries.

Like your entire second half. I would say let’s find the restart button and try again, but consider me ye of little faith because I don’t think you could rehabilitate yourself.

Tornadoes, death and destruction. Times three. Lives were upended. There were some small miracles, but on the whole, your wanton vandalism has left an entire state reeling.

I will not miss you. Not one bit.

2 thoughts on “Oh, April”

  1. My thoughts are with the people of Arkansas. Having survived some pretty bad hurricanes, I know how cruel nature can be. To overlay MS on it is just gratuitous. I hope May is kinder to you.

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