Multiple sclerosis, Struggles


I meant to post this on Friday, when it was applicable. Better late than never, I suppose.

And in case you are wondering if I am going to attempt to tie this to MS somehow, the answer is, “Of course I am.”

Multiple sclerosis is like a big April Fools joke, one that just keeps happening day after day after day. A lot like, well, to borrow another “holiday” theme, Groundhog’s Day.

This plastic wrap prank reminds me of what my second exacerbation felt like. My right hand was essentially stuck in this cramped position like duct tape had been tightly wound around it. That spread up my arm and down my torso like some sort of plague taking over my body, piece by piece.

Thankfully, the treatment started kicking in, so I only endured about two months of this. The numb, tight feeling has given way to a malaise, and my right hand I think will always have some lingering effects because of the damage those lesions have done.

Good thing I’m a southpaw.

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