Multiple sclerosis

Is anything safe anymore?

First it was spinach.

Then Children’s Tylenol.

Then Toyotas.

Then those cribs.

Now the alcohol prep pads used in my shot process, and sold over-the-counter under various brand names. It’s sad when the product meant to sanitize might actually introduce bacteria:

Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals has become aware of a broad United States market recall of alcohol prep pads, swabs and swabsticks manufactured by the Triad Group and marketed under various brand names. In the interest of patient safety, Bayer wants to ensure that U.S. patients and physicians using Bayer’s Betaseron are aware of the Triad recall.

The recall of the Triad Group alcohol prep products is due to potential contamination of these products with the bacteria, Bacillus cereus, that could lead to life-threatening infections.

3 thoughts on “Is anything safe anymore?”

  1. Oh lordy. I just bought a whole box to use on the baby’s belly button. So much for being prepared ahead of time!

    1. That’s no good. My drug company is suggesting sterile gauze pads and rubbing alcohol in the meantime. An the upside, at least you found out before you started using them. I know you don’t feel completely prepared, but you already have the most important things – love, a supportive and warm environment and patience. Those you don’t have to buy and they won’t be recalled!

  2. and yes, I realize that by writing “prepared” ahead of time is in implied 🙂 my fingers just like to type!

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