Multiple sclerosis

I’ve got the blues

And sallow yellows and deep purples and sickly greens.

Meet Jennifer, The Great Human Pincushion.

A couple of badly administered self-inflicted shots and unfortunate attempt to draw blood, and my body has become a canvas of colors.

The bruises are in various stages of fading. They only hurt if I look at them, which is often, at least in the case of the one on my arm.

As a kid, I used to wear such bruises (and scrapes and scratches) with pride. It meant I climbed a tree, scaled a fence that had barbed wire on it, or got mauled by one of my ornery sheep.

I have never broken a bone. Again, my younger self would have loved that — a cast and everything! A tangible, albeit annoying, badge of honor to commemorate a feat of derring-do. (I must explain: As a child, I lived in an underground house on a farm. While not exactly a tomboy, I was equally active and clumsy.)

Now, I see bruises as evidence of my fragility, my mortality.

There are no more fences to climb, or tire swings to catapult from. Just needles, and this topographical map of my broken body.

Can’t rule out a cast, either. While my mettle might be a little less nowadays, I’m every bit as clumsy.

And aren’t you grateful I didn’t make this a wordless Wednesday!

8 thoughts on “I’ve got the blues”

  1. Eat pineapple! It helps make the bruises fade quicker…of course the rods make them worse to begin with. Pineapple really does help though. I get mine in a smoothie with Kefir every morning (and some other fruit). It’s the only way I can sneak fruit in on myself.

  2. Hi Jenn. It’s funny you should post about this now as I have just started developing a bloom of injection-related bruises myself. They are a pain in the arse. Yesterday, I decided to display them proudly, wearing a sleeveless top to a work function (it’s summer where I am). Despite my own self-consciousness, no one noticed them! I hope your heal up soon and the needle aim is true from now on.

    1. My aim seems to never be true, which is why I’ve enlisted the steady hand of my husband most times. You know, it almost felt like summer here yesterday – 76 was the high. I can’t wait to dive into your blog more. Take care!

    1. awww. you don’t have to worry about that. what you wrote is more than wonderful – it’s sincere and caring. thank you for sharing it!

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