Multiple sclerosis

I get by with a little help

This month isn’t just about tryptophan-induced naps or frenzied 4 a.m. shopping or car rides over the river and through the woods.

It’s about taking the time to show gratitude, an area I could probably use some practice in.

I have an amazing support system, starting with the oft-mentioned husband, who is a saint for putting up with me (and this was before the MS). My parents have been pretty remarkable, too. They were by my side in the hospital, and have never ceased in offering me support of all kinds – emotional, financial, physical. My thoughtful in-laws sent me the most comfy shoes in the world (they definitely know the way to my heart!).

My close group of friends are none too shabby, either. They were there from the beginning with encouraging words and flowers and big hugs and most importantly, edibles.

OK, so maybe this month is primarily about food. But that makes me no less grateful. In fact, it makes me more appreciative that I know such good people who also happen to be great cooks.

Shannon came this weekend with pumpkin brownies. (She had me at pumpkin. YUM!) Oh, and homemade hummus. Melanie and Trisha made me soup and delicious bread and quinoa salad. My mom, well, she gave me her leftover Halloween candy (I will submit right now that Twix is hands down the best candy bar ever mass produced).

It was an exciting day at the Walker-Godwin house, to be sure.

And this was just the latest in the movable feast these past two months. Heidi and Chris, who have their hands full with newbie twins, took the time to send me a tea basket with these sugar sticks that are so adorable I didn’t even want to use them (but have anyways). Yavonda and Matt have been stalwarts in the food department, keeping me stocked with the most savory soups. Karen made custom dishes for me and my carnivorous other half. Crystal and Lee grilled us one of the best meals we’ve ever had – tilapia for me and pork chops for Nick.

Of course, I’m thankful for more than just that which fills my belly.

A girl does not live by soup and salad alone. (That said, I could make a case for Olive Garden for lunch every day.)

There is also the emotional nourishment.

I am lucky to have a network of friends near and far who routinely check in on me. Gigi and Doug, you two must have a sixth sense as to when to contact me, because it’s always when I feel myself sliding.

So two months into this monster that is MS, I am still cocooned by the warm embrace of friendship, and comforted by the food – really, the icing on the cake.

Or maybe, in honor of this month, the whipped cream on my pumpkin pie.

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