Down she goes!

It’s happening. My clothes are fitting a bit looser (which has led to some very slapdash modifications at work recently). Even my shoes aren’t as snug.

I’m not just firming up – I’m losing poundage. Nineteen to be exact. A whole size.

And people are noticing and commenting. Along the lines of “Hey, baggy drawers, you might want to pull up your pants before you moon everyone here,” and “That maternity shirt you bought to camouflage your beer belly really isn’t necessary anymore.”

Flattering, I know. I hope it only gets better from here.

It’s spring again, with the allergies and verdant beauty surrounding comes the April showers of rhyming lore. So I’ve been wogging Ella when I get a chance, but primarily sticking to the indoor activity of Wii-ing. Or would that be Wii Fitting? And I’m still dancing, of course. Our fearless leader Melanie has taken our warm-ups and floor exercises to a whole new, demanding level. My body rebels and complains, but I’m getting back in game form. (One of these days I’ll video what we do and share. It’s amazing stuff).

Recently, Nick and I took advantage of a balmy, near-perfect afternoon to finally break out our bikes again. They needed a few adjustments to be road-ready again.

Too bad I didn’t consider that we’d be a little rusty as well. Funny, I don’t remember bike riding being so much work as a kid. I recall cruising through my neighborhood, spokey-dokes cheerily clinking as my ponytail flapped in the wind. (Helmets and other safety gear weren’t exactly the trend back then).

Nowadays, it’s my achy joints creaking, my ponytail slightly bobbing as I keep a less-than-breakneck pace. But it feels good just to be active.

So here’s to many more sunshine spring days, full of hiking, biking and soon, farmer’s market food.

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